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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine

Thu 14th Jan


Live on Google Classroom


Speed sound lesson and spellings

Class spellings

Hold a sentence


Live on Google Classroom

RWI - No work books needed (live lesson)


Maths – Adding

Workbook - page

The Question book - pages 15, 16,  18, 19

(Don't forget to send in a photo of your completed work).


Live on Google Classroom


Bug Club Reading 1 book expected answering all bug questions. (I can see who completes a book)


Times table rockstars


PE – 

Follow this link to have a go the action needed to play Freddy says




PHSE – Where does money come from? Part 2

Can you act out a job for others to guess OR guess what job someone else is doing? What skills and training do you think you need for this job?




Grammar and Story Time - Live on Google Classroom

Mrs Allsopp will be leading us, working on your adjectives and then she will be reading todays story.