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Week 7 18.5.20

Hi everyone. Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is happy and well. Today is the last day of school work for a week as I will not be setting work next week as it is half term. I think we all need a little rest! The weather forecast looks good for next week so I want you all to get outside and have some fun, whilst keeping safe. 

I am setting you another reading activity from this week's First News paper. There are two to choose from. The one is easier than the other so see which one suits you best. 

I have planned one more lesson solving perimeter problems. After half term you will move on to another topic in maths. 

I am adding a times table test sheet in which you need to choose the correct homophone. I have put the words on the second sheet so that you can check. 

Finally, I am attaching some times tables practice that you can use over the next few weeks. 

Enjoy your week off and send me pics of anything fun that you do. 

Love Ms Randle x

Thursday 21st May


Morning year 5, how are we all doing? I will be in school this morning, if you need me I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Let's start with our joke for the day.

What do you call a pig that knows Karate?

Pork chop! laugh laugh


Wednesday 20th May


Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. Today you will be choosing the correct phrase to make two letters formal/informal.

In maths you will be completing some perimeter problems. There are three levels on the sheet. You can just do the red level or you can do them all! 

I have added a Powerpoint about day and night and there is a sheet to fill in after. 

But, I would also like you to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Have a lovely day,

Ms R x

Tuesday 19th May

Today we are looking at the language we use for different situations- formal and informal. Look at the powerpoint which explains this and then choose the activity that best suits you. Think about which tasks you normally do in class. 

For maths I have added some more perimeter questions. Again, there are 3 sheets. Most of you should have a go at the first sheet but some of you might try the challenge ones. Beware, they are tricky! You need to be good at dividing to work out the sides of the shapes. 

Remember to go on Bug Club to read and keep practising your times tables.

Easier perimeter questions

Morning Year 5. 

Hope everyone is well and that you have had a good weekend. Thank you for the super work lots of you sent me last week. I am so proud of all your effort lots of you are putting in at home. It will be worth it when you return to school to carry on with your learning. See below for your work for today. Some of you enjoyed creating the phases of the moon with oreo biscuits! If you didn't get chance to do this, I will leave this activity for a couple of days so you can have a go. 


First News newspaper


Today is spelling day so I would like you to focus on spelling homphones- words which sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. I have allocated an activity on homophones on Bug Club and there are two spelling activity sheets for you to do. One is where you can practise the words and the other is a  dictation task so you'll need to ask someone at home to read the sentences for you and you need to add the correct word. I am also giving you the link to the homophone song on Supermovers. 

There is a also a list of words for you to learn for Friday. 

Spellings to learn


This week we are learning about perimeter. Perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape. Perimeter is found by adding together the length of all a shape's sides. Watch the video on the link and then have a go at the worksheet.

The link takes you to White Rose Year 5. You need to find- Summer term, week 3, lesson 4

( scroll to bottom of page to find it.)