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Tue 19th Jan


Live on Google Classroom


Speed sound lesson and spellings

Class spellings

Hold a sentence


Live on Google Classroom

RWI - No work books needed (live lesson)

Reading task - sounds chart, green words, red words, read the story. Today the story should be read with less 'Fred talk'. Now read the story to your child. Read the story again, missing out the word at the end of the sentence - we call this 'jumping in'. Your child will follow you reading (with their eyes on the page DON'T POINT) and read the word you miss out. This helps them gain fluency and become speedy readers. :)

Maths – Subtract

You will need 9 tens and 19 ones to represent the tens and ones of our base 10. Use things from around your house as long as you know which are the tens, and which are the ones. You could use carrots, pens, coins, sweets  lego, shoes or socks!

Workbook - page 9

The Question book -

(Don't forget to send in a photo of your completed work).

Live on Google Classroom


Bug Club Reading 1 book expected answering all bug questions. (I can see who completes a book)


Times table rockstars


Grammar Task


Comprehension books 1 – page 5 Seasons


Grammar book – page 6 – Adjectives


Page 8 – Types of sentences.



Writing burst

Live on Google Classroom


We will be going through the grammar during this session as well.


We will begin our writing pack – The magical teaching box.


Use purple mash to record any new vocabulary and draw what you think Pandora’s box looks like.



(The first activity is in the offline folder below).



Story time

Live on Google Classroom - With Mrs MacInnes!