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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine

Activity ideas

Share a story

Make a cake

Pair the socks

Paper aeroplane competition

Make a sandwich and let your child spread the butter

Play outside! What animals can you find? Have the flowers started to grow?

Put the music on and dance 

Can your child complete a jigsaw without any help?

Pour a drink from a jug independently

Play a board game

Count with objects found outside

Go for your daily walk and talk about what you see

Do the washing up (Plastic objects will survive adults, promise!)

Get dressed all by yourself

Play a game of football, don't let the adults win!

Can you zip your child zip their coat up independently?

Have a tea party or picnic

Run laps around the garden. How many can you do before you give up?

Have a treasure hunt! 

Transfer objects from one box/bowl to another using only your feet.

Can you make a picture using things only found in the garden such as twigs, stones and leaves.

How long can you stand on one leg for?

Clean your toys in a bowl of soapy water.

Can you make a boat that floats?

Use a knife to carefully slice an apple or banana.

Make a den.

Practise throwing and catching.

Adults can you put some sticky tape shapes on the floor? Square, circle, rectangle and triangle. You could then ask your child to "Slither to the....(triangle etc)                       Crawl to the... 

Walk backwards to the.....                Run to the......      Hop to the.......         Jump to the......

Create a colour hunt around the house. Can you find something that is blue? Yellow? Green? Pink?

Washing basket basketball. Who can get the most in before they miss?  

Hang a balloon by a string from a doorway. You can change the height to make it more or less difficult. Challenge them to tap the balloon with their hand.How many can they do before they miss?  How about using the top of their head?

Play musical statues or bumps.

Make some bubbles using washing up liquid.  Who can blow the biggest?

Plant some seeds or do some gardening.

Dig for worms. Who can find the longest?  Don't forget to put them back!

Count the stairs to bed.

Make a wall using mud bricks made outside. How tall can you make it before it falls down?

Practise using scissors. Snipping or cutting along a straight line.

Play catch in a cup. Practise throwing and catching small objects into a cup.

Pillow case race. Use a spare pillow case instead of a sack!

Target practise using a water gun.

Threading activities.

How many objects from around the house can you pick up using the kitchen tongs?

Can you read your adult a story?

Draw a picture using lots of bright colours.

Play hairdressers. You all love this at school!

Play Simon says. This may take a bit of practise adults! :)

Bowling with empty bottles, cartons or tins.

Can you do one good deed each day?  I'd love to hear about these!

What can you make from empty bottles, boxes and cartons?

Adults, hide jigsaw pieces around the house and challenge your child to find all the pieces to complete the puzzle.

Create an obstacle course together. You could crawl under the table, run around cups or jump between cushions.

Have an egg and spoon race. It doesn't have to be an egg, it can be anything that balances on the end of your spoon.

Play hide and seek. This is great for practising those counting skills!

Rip some paper into the tiniest pieces you can. (Any paper will do)

Screw up paper into tiny balls.       These two activities help but up your child's hand and finger strength.

Find objects that sink and float. Can you test them in a bowl of water?

Sort a collection of objects by colour.

Scoop objects out of a bowl of water.

Adults, put some objects in a box. Get your child to close their eyes and feel one object at a time. Can they guess what it is?

Tree bark rubbings.

Make a finger puppet.