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Additional Needs and Well-being Resources


This is where parents of children with additional and emotional needs can find out information and get some ideas to support at home. New ideas, links and activities will be added weekly.  This will compliment the pages written by your child's class teacher. 


In a classroom everybody is different! Different hair, different eyes, different likes and dislikes, different friends. There are also different learning needs.  At St James Primary everybody learns and has fun whilst doing it! This is because the teachers and teaching assistants understand that pupils need to learn in different ways and have different learning needs. Rather than favouring one way, the teachers and pupils use lots of different ways to teach and learn.  On here I'd like to give you some ideas and suggestions to help with this at home.


SEN and Inclusion are led by Mrs Reay in school.  If you'd like a chat about home learning for your child or advice around their needs please contact Mrs Reay on or contact their class teacher. We will get back to you! Also please share any ideas or agencies that you have found useful. There is a lot of good stuff out there!


Keep safe and keep smiling at this difficult time. 


Mrs Reay 



Easter Fun- Some activities to have a go at over Easter.