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Asthma (documents for your child)

Asthma is a serious life-threatening condition. At school we need to know if your child has an inhaler, the amount they should use it and information to help us in an emergency.  If they have an inhaler we need one in school. 


Each class has a storage box which their inhalers and asthma cards are kept in and these are always taken out with them at break, PE sessions and lunch.  

Additionally each class has an emergency inhaler. To use this we need your permission on the 'emergency Sabutamol slip' attached below. 

Our staff will regularly check the asthma box to see that inhalers are in date and will call you if the prescription has run out or is about too. If you could monitor this too it will help keep our children safe. 


Copies of the letters are available to download below. Masters will be in classrooms with staff so please send them a dojo message if your child needs an inhaler in school and we can check that the  paperwork has been completed.