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Autism Resources

Pupils on the autism spectrum can be affected in three areas- the triad of impairments:

  • Social and emotional understanding: Children on the autism spectrum all have difficulty understanding social behaviour and conventions. They are also less able to recognise their emotions and those of others.

  • Communication and language: Children on the autism spectrum have problems understanding communication and language, and in developing and using effective communication and language skills including speech, gesture, facial expressions and intonation.

  • Flexibility of thought and behaviour: Children on the autism spectrum have difficulty problem solving and in knowing how to adapt when a familiar situation is changed.

  • A fourth area, differences in sensory perception, may also affect pupils on the autism spectrum.


​Some tips to help to support learning for a child with Autism:

  • Use visual timetables, now and then boards 

  • Give visual instruction - children learn by seeing

  • Give time for a child to process what you have said, keep instructions clear and repeat

  • Be creative - tap into their interested e.g. Minecraft maths 

  • Give lots of movement breaks, develop a sensory diet that works for you (see the sensory star)

  • Be calm patient and don't shout 

  • Be flexible what works one day may not work the next

  • Use social stories to talk about the changes

  • Give warnings and count downs before moving onto something new

  • Have a calm place to withdraw if it get to much 

  • Understand your child's sensory issues and triggers