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Black History Month

Hello my lovelies!

I would like you to try something a little different for your homework. I really hope that you will accept my challenge!

As you know we are learning about the importance of Black History month. Black History Month is a great way to celebrate and recognise the contribution of black people to British society so your homework will be based on this.

You will have until we break up for half term (Friday 23rd October) to complete this mini project and upload it on to your portfolio on class Dojo. 

In class we are learning about Katherine Johnson, for your project I would like you to choose another important black person for your project. 

I will include useful websites to help you and a list of people to help you decide who you would like to pick. There are lots of books on EPIC READING APP linked to Black History.

I can't wait to see what you find out! There are also lots of Dojo points to be earned too!

If you need any help or any extra resources to help you complete your project, please let me know.

Love Mrs Selvey x

 For my few lovelies that complete their homework in their homework book instead of on line, don't worry, you will be given your homework project on Friday (9th) with your instructions and information on the significant individual that I would like you to learn about as part of Black History Month. You can still earn Dojo points in the same way as completing it on line so you will not be missing out!

This will need to be handed in on Friday 23rd October.

Love Mrs Selvey x