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Book Bags

Each child will be given their own book bag. This will contain their words, books, reading record and any letters. At St James we aim create a love for books and reading. To support children in achieving this, we ask that they read to an adult or older sibling, at home, 3 or more times a week. Please record each time they read in their reading record to enable them to work towards and achieve their reading awards in assembly. In Year 1, books will be checked on Thursday each week. We look forward to reading your comments, noting down their achievements towards their reading awards and finding them a wonderful new book to read. If your child has been given words and a book, their challenge is to focus on the words, but share the book together with an adult.

Next steps - If your child has read their book, here are ideas of questions to ask them or talk about:

Who are the characters? Which part did you like? Who is the author?

How did the character feel when ...?  What happened to resolve the problem? 

Why do you think _____ was sad/angry/worried?

Thank you for your support :)