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Fri 12th Feb

Jigsaw piece

Remember your name needs to be on the front as well as your design


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 Speed sound lesson and spellings

Class spellings

Hold a sentence


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Maths – Problem solving

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Today we will be using our division and multiplication skills to solve word problems.

Maths no problem blue book –  175, 176, 177, 178, 179


 (Don't forget to send in a photo of your completed work).



Bug Club Reading 1 book expected answering all bug questions. (I can see who completes a book)


Times table rockstars





Chinese new year artwork

Draw lines at random across the page but do not draw any inside the ox. The inside of the ox will be blank. The lines outside can cross each other at any pint. Don’t draw too many as this will make the spaces you create to small. Fill each gap with a different line or pattern to create texture. Add colour to your design.


Free time activity

You can have a look at an activity from the folder below about Chinese New Year.

Choose something that makes you happy that you can share with someone. You may have earned some screen time, choose to play a game with you family, cook something special or even start to draw the pictures inside you jigsaw piece.  


You have worked really hard this half term!


Story time

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