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Fri 26th Feb


Live on Google Classroom



 Speed sound lesson and spellings

Class spellings

Hold a sentence


Live on Google Classroom


Maths – Adding money

Live on Google Classroom


Today we are going to continue practise adding different amounts and using our base 10 to make it easier and compare these amounts to using the symbols <>=

Maths no problem red book –  page 25, 26, 28


 (Don't forget to send in a photo of your completed work).


Bug Club Reading 1 book expected answering all bug questions.


Times table rockstars





Live on Google Classroom


Describe how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals, using the idea of simple food chain. Identify and name different sources of food by making a variety of food chains.

Use the correct labels, producers, consumers and know which are the prey and is the predator.


Visit google classroom classwork to complete the activity online.


World book day Prep-

Use this time to decide which character you are going to make their face 3D or perhaps you are making a 3D scene from your favourite book using a shoe box.

Remember it is a competition so include your name and year group and bring it with you when you return to school.