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Friday 15th October

This homework is due back into school on Wednesday 21st October.


Don't forget to use TT Rockstars and Bug Club too!

Just For Fun!

Count how many squares you can see.

Maths Homework.


1. Complete the times table sheet in your homework book. Remember to time yourself or ask an adult to help you!


2. Have a go at rounding these numbers to the nearest 100. Just write the answers into your book.


Read the numbers carefully and don't rush your work.



Use the next slide to remind you of how to round to the nearest 100.



Here are your spellings for this week. All the words have a prefix of mis or dis, which changes the word to give it a negative meaning.


Please try to practice them at least 3 times at home. Our test will be on Wednesday morning.




Write out these sentences and add the correct pronoun in the space.


Say each sentence out loud and check that it makes sense.

Remember to use your best handwriting.