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Good morning Year 1, Sorry you are having to learn from home at the moment but I know you will do your very best. Please have a go at the activities below and send me your learning so I can see how you got on. If you cant print resources off don't worry just do it on paper.

Remember if you need help just let me know through class dojo, text or by email.

Have a super day and enjoy! Mrs Daren x smiley



Yesterday your spellings included the special friends  'ee'  and  'ay' can you practise those spellings again and then have a go at the worksheets. 

I would like you to draw a picture of Pudsey bear and then think of some sentences to describe him.

I thought of this sentence  Pudsey bear is yellow.   

*Remember  capital letters, finger spaces and a full stopyes


Pages 141-142 in your work book. Revising 3D shapes.

As it is chn in need today you might want to have a go at the Pudsey I Spy and count. There are 2 levels pick which is best for you.



Children in Need(Extra activities)

I have put some colouring sheet for you to do or you might want to design your own Pudsey bear, be creative! there are lots of reources on line have a look.