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It is Children In Need day today. I'd love to see some photos of you dressed in yellow and/or spots. At 1pm today it is the Duck Race. Below is the list of ducks and the link so you can watch the race. Send me your chosen duck before 11am. If your duck finishes in the top 5 you can earn 5 dojos. If it finishes in the top 10, you can earn 4 dojos. If your duck finishes in the top 15, you can earn 3 dojos and if it finishes in the top 20, you can earn 2 dojos.

Happy Friday everyone!

Can I start by saying how fantastic you have been in getting on with your home learning. You have certainly kept Mrs Daren and myself busy looking at all your work. A special well done to Leo who recorded a video of himself signing with Makaton to an Ed Sheeran song. It was fantastic. 

Keep up this amazing effort and I'll see some of you tomorrow. 

Ms R x


We are looking at multiples today. A multiple is a number which can be divided by another number without giving a remainder. 

For example, 

32 divided by 8 = 4

32 divided by 4 = 8

32 is a multiple of 4 and 8

The lesson on Zoom today will be on multiples. If you can't join the lesson, you will need to do pages 45 and 46 of your workbooks. 


If you can't access the workbook, try this Children in need maths activity instead! The questions in green are the trickiest ones. 


Maths Children in need sheet


I will test you on your spellings today. Please have a piece of paper and a pen ready when we have our Zoom lesson. 


How many of today's spellings can you use in a paragraph containing a few sentences?



It would normally be PE today so I'm putting a link to a You Tube exercise video you can have a go at. 


Ms Randle's Friday book club

Hope you took a copy of the new book home. I have given you a task to complete. This can be done by next Friday. 

Pig Heart Boy