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Friday 4th December

This homework is due back into school on Wednesday 9th December.


Don't forget to use TT Rockstars and Bug Club too!

Just For Fun!


I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas trees.

Maths Homework.


1. Complete the times tables sheet in your homework book. Remember to time yourself or ask an adult to help you!


2. Think about where you sit in class, this will help you pick the right challenges. You can always have a go at all of them!


Read the numbers carefully and don't rush your work. I have included a slide with the rolling numbers for the 7 times tables.


If you sit in the green seats.




If you sit in the yellow seats.




If you sit in the blue seats.




Use the rolling numbers to help you.

English Homework


We will be continuing to look at fronted adverbials this week. You are all becoming experts. Read the instructions on the slides carefully. Use your best handwriting. 


I have included the ISPACE poster to help you.





Here are your spellings for this week. If you cannot remember the meaning of a word use a dictionary or Google to help you.


Our spelling rule this week = Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable.


Please try to practice them at least 3 times at home. Our test will be on Wednesday morning.