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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine


What is the role of the Governors?


The Governing Body should:

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Operate in such a way that statutory duties are met and priorities are approved
  • Provide challenge and hold the headteacher and senior management team to account for improving the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement, behaviour and safety
  • Use performance management systems across all elements of the school to improve leadership, teaching and management
  • Support and strengthen the school leadership
  • Contribute to the school’s self evaluation and understand its strengths and weaknesses
  • Engage with the wider community
  • Ensure a sound financial approach exists and is managed effectively
  • Use the pupil premium and other sources to overcome barriers to learning including reading, writing and mathematics.


Governors are required by law to act with integrity, objectivity and in the best interests of the school at all times.


How to contact governors


If you wish to contact the Governors, please make your request through the school office. A Governor will be get back to you as soon as possible.





Mr R Roberts


Chair of Governors


Mrs C. MacInnes

Head of School (St James Primary)




Mrs J Wakelam


Acting HoS (Moorcroft Wood)




Rev A. Duckworth


Local Authority




Mrs S. Perry






Miss H. Tonks






Mr J. Ridler

Mrs L. Hodson

Rev E. Dunning

Mrs M. Walker

Mr R Green

Mrs B Handford

Miss K Grainger






Mrs A Reay






Mrs N Patel




1. Katie Grainger


   Lead at West Bromwich Albion Foundation - Suppliers of Sporst Coaches for PE