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Monday - Comparing Money

Count the amounts of money carefully. Draw the base 10 to help you. Keep the pounds and pence separate. Remember there is 100 pennies in 1 pound. (100p = £1). You will then be able to find out who has more or which costs more to answer the questions.

Tuesday - Calculating Total Amounts

Page 44 and 45 – Money

We will be working through these pages during our zoom meeting.

Wednesday - Calculating the total amount

Find the total amount of money. Remember it’s just like adding. Watch the video to remind yourself how to add money drawing you base 10. Keep the pounds and pence separate.

Thursday - Calculating Change

Draw the in base 10 and subtract just like we have practised. Same value different appearance. Remember £1 is the same and 10 x 10p. Have a go at the activity and set up a shop to practice giving change.

Friday - Problem solving

Word problems based on all our learning this week. Take care there may be a multistep problem.