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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine


For maths today you need a timer on a watch, phone, tablet, stopwatch or computer. 


Time how many of these following things you can do in 30 seconds. Now try again and see if  can you do the same amount in 1 minute. What did you find out? Is one minute longer or is 30 seconds a longer amount of time? 


1. How many circles can you draw? 

2. How many star jumps can you do? 

3. If you have Lego, how many bricks can you put in a tower?

4.How many hops can you do? 

5. Can you balance on one leg for 30 seconds? Can you balance on one leg for 1 minute? Can you swap legs?

6. Get some socks and roll them into a ball. How many times can you throw them into a bucket or a big bowl?

7. Try and throw and catch the socks. How many times in 1 minute? How many times in 30 seconds? 

8. How many times can you count up to 10?