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Maths time

*Can you find 3 pink objects?

*Can you find 3 orange objects?

*Adult help required for this one. Can you find a pile of big and small objects? Make the size difference very obvious for the children. Very big and very small. Then get them to sort the objects into two piles. Making the size difference less obvious make this task more challenging.

*Build on the task from yesterday where you asked your child to get 1 object, 2 objects etc.  Today ask your child to get 1 object, then ask them to get one more. When they have done this ask them "How many do you have now?" Repeat this. 

A video for you to watch together about matching. Please ONLY watch session 1. Then there is a follow up activity for you to print off and do. You don't have to print off the sheet. You can do this activity at home if you have your own button tin. This is where Grandma's come in very handy!