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Monday 1st March

                             Year 3's Timetable

Good Morning Year 3! It was so lovely to be back with you each afternoon last week. This week, I am with you all day today then every morning for the rest of this week. The lovely Mrs Raybone-Lock & Mrs Smith will be teaching you each afternoon.

Just like we do in class, I have set you a graffiti board and a riddle. There is a jamboard for each of these on Google classroom. If you can't access it you can always post on your portfolio using class dojo.

Just a reminder that it is World Book Day on Thursday, so we are going to be celebrating our love of reading in year 3 as much as possible this week in as many of our lessons as we can! Hopefully, if things go to plan, this will be our last week of blended learning and we will finally all be back together in our classroom where we all belong. I can't wait to see you all again.

Love Mrs Selvey x 

Registration Tough Ten

Please try your best to attend English every lesson this week as what we learn this week we will carry on next week when we are (hopefully) all back together in class.

Guided Reading Mary Poppins

Continuing with our Invaders and settlers topic we are continuing learning more about The Romans. For your independent activity, please choose activity A or B. If you finish you can choose a topic from the group challenge activity.