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Morning everyone. Hope you have all had a good weekend and are all well. All of your work for today is on here. I am going to leave a copy of the maths worksheets and the writing booklets in the office if you can collect them. 

For Tuesday's topic lesson you might want to get two empty plastic drink bottles and some tape. I will attch the activity so you can see what you need. This activity can be done any time this week. 

                                                 Time table for Monday 11.1.21












2.20- 2.55



Online Google Classroom lesson with teacher

Topic- volcanoes.

Complete work set

Topic work



Online Google Classroom lesson

English- prefixes


Children to complete the work.

Online Google Classroom lesson- Maths



Meet up via Google classroom

TT Rockstars

Reading time

PE- physical exercise time.

Story Time via

Google Classroom

Making a tornado in a bottle- Tuesday activity


Continuing our theme of natural disasters we are looking at tornadoes today. If you can access the powerpoint please use it to find out the answers to the following questions:

1. What is a tornado?

2. What are the biggest clouds called?

3. How do tornadoes form?

4. What causes tornadoes?

5. How do scientists collect data about tornadoes?

6. Where do tornadoes happen? ( Which countries?)


If you can't see the powerpoint you can do a google search to find the answers to these questions.




Today is a spelling day! 

Please complete pages 68 and 69 of the grammar book which covers prefixes bi, tri and semi. Remember that a prefix is a letter or a group of letters that can be added to the beginning of a word to make a new word.

For example;

   tri    angle    triangle



Can you make other words with these prefixes? How many can you make? Make sure you can spell them too!



We are starting to learn about decimals this week. I will be attching the sheets I want you to do but I will photopcopy them too and leave them in the office with your writing booklets if you are able to collect them. They will be on here too so you can just write the answers in your book if you can't collect them.

Watch the video and complete the powerpoint. 



Maths worksheet

Monday afternoon

12.45 - 1.00- TT Rockstars/times table practice

1.00-1.20- Reading time

1.20- 2.20- Physical exercise time- Joe Wicks or any other exercise activity

2.20- Story time