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Monday 25th January


Year 3's Timetable



Today's timetable is a little different because of the snow day.


11- 11.15

11.15- 12.15

12.15- 1.15

1.15- 3pm









Activity Time





We have an exciting week ahead for English! 
There will be lots of creative writing opportunities with Harry Potter as our theme!


Today, you will start off by writing an acceptance letter from Hogwarts to Harry or another character from Harry Potter.

1) Read the power point for instructions on what to do.

2) Watch the video of Harry receiving his letter in the mail.

3) Look at the 'Example Letter Structure' for help on how to set out your letter.

4) Use the Word Mat to help you with ideas.

5) You can use the parchment paper to write your letter on for more of a Harry Potter feel.





This week in Maths, we are starting a new topic- Volume!


1) Go through the power point- it explains what Volume is and gives you a few tips on answering the questions.

2) Complete the worksheets.

3) There are some extensions for you to do if you have finished.

Activity Time


Let's go out and enjoy the snow!

Build a family of snowmen

Build the tallest snowman you can make!

Make a snow angel

Write a message in the snow

Make a snow maze


If you would rather stay warm and cosy inside, why not try some of these snowy activities :D