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Hello Nursery Families,

It feels like a million years since I've seen you all! I hope you are all still staying safe, happy and healthy. I'm in school now leading a Reception bubble so if you need anything or would like a chat please get in touch. I know September feels like a very long time away so I have put together a list of skills to practise with your child so they are as ready as they can be. I mention in the list 'crocodile fingers', this is how we encourage the children to hold their pencils correctly. I have put a picture below to help. There are also many fantastic websites for children of Nursery age, Cbeebies, Top Marks and Phonics Play are just a few. 

Stay safe

Mrs Allsopp


*Recognise name

*Practise holding pencils, crayons or felts correctly using 'crocodile fingers'

*Practise writing name

*Practise using scissors

*Talk about branding (words and logos)that children recognise. I.e. Make and name of food at home (cereal, crisps, yoghurts, chocolate etc) names of shops, street signs, branding of toys etc.

 This helps them understand print carries meaning and that it is all around us.

*Talk! About anything and everything! This will help with their vocabulary and understanding.

*Share stories

*Keep as active as possible

*Do jigsaws together

*Count forwards to 10 then 20

*Count backwards from 5 then 10

*Recognise and name basic shapes. Square, triangle, circle and rectangle. 

*Can they see these shapes around the home or when you go out? 

    I.e. Certain road signs - circles or triangles

         Road name signs - rectangles

         Wheel - circle

         T.V. - rectangle

         A certain brand of soft cheese - triangle

*Recognise numbers 0 to 5 then 0 to 10

*Count objects to 5 then to 10  (Putting them in a straight line helps)

*Writing numbers. The rhymes for these are in week 5.

*Getting dressed and undressed independently.

*Using cutlery to eat or spread

*Drink from a cup

*Fasten coat independently

*Listening activities where they have to name the sound. Youtube has lots of these types of videos. 

Week One (23rd March 2020).

Have Fun!