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As always, this was a fantastic day celebrating our love of reading. As a school we focussed on David Wiesner's book Flotsam and each class produced some writing based on the book. We had a visit from a librarian from Brownhill's Library who read stories to some of the younger children. 

Year 4 took part in a workshop with staff from West Bromwich Football Club and even 'Baggy Bird' himself!

Year 6 again visited the children in Nursery and Reception to share stories which was enjoyed by all. 


(Why we teach Reading)


Our main priority is for all children, regardless of background, gender or ability to learn to read and that reading be seen as the most vital skill to improve their life chances. Throughout their time at primary school, children will be encouraged to develop a life- long love of literature and enjoy reading for pleasure. Children will be provided with a diverse range of vocabulary- rich reading materials that they are confident to respond to and which they will be able to read with expression, fluency, clarity and with understanding. The reading curriculum should make effective links across the wider curriculum and be used to engage children in other subjects thus enhancing their knowledge. They will also have access to a range of books that make links to diversity, eg deaf awareness, Black history, disabilities, refugees and stories from other cultures. Engaging and inspiring reading areas will evident around school and in the classroom to help promote the importance of reading and which children can contribute to themselves. The importance of reading will be demonstrated by all staff so that children see the enjoyment and benefits to be gained from reading and, additionally, we aim to ensure that parents have a good understand how vital reading is to their children’s education and life. 

 Children are encouraged to read regularly at home and are rewarded by badged in our 'rainbow reader' reward system and parents/carers are encouraged to engage with children in their reading. 

Regular reading events take place throughout the year including visits from authors. We also use 'Picture News' to encourage further reading and discussion around topical issues in the news including British Values. 

Reading route

Our reading route map shows the books that are covered from Early Years up to Year 6. These may be interchanged at times to suit a particular cohort or topic. Teachers plan writing tasks based on these books where appropriate and all books have been chosen for their rich vocabulary. Other books which make links with diversity are incorporated throughout the year which include topics such as: disabilities, Black history, stories from other cultures and books linking to topical issues, eg, refugees. 

Reading for pleasure policy