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St James

Primary School

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Hi St James!

Welcome to our storytime section of the website. Lots of our staff will be reading you their favourite stories over the next few weeks. 

You could start your day off with a story or maybe finish off with it before going to bed. Either way have a relax and enjoy. 

Alexander, my little boy, has chosen the first story. It is one of his all time favourites.

Let us know you like them or suggest a short story you'd like us to read. 


Mrs Reay

The Littlest Dinosaur

The Wonky Donkey read by Mrs Walker

The Killer Cat by Anne Fine

Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine - PART 2

Mrs Randle reads the second part of the Killer Cat

Vegetable Glue by Susan Chandler

Mrs Williams shares one of her favourite stories. Enjoy!