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St James

Primary School

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Thu 4th Feb

8:50 am


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Practise this weeks spelling for your test tomorrow


cried dried


replied driest


tried funnier




Reading book tasks - Read the story - this should be read with much more fluency and confidence and NO FRED. As your child practices the words each day, they will become faster and faster and these words will become more familiar. Go to 'Questions to read and answer' - if you don't have this section, please use this time to practice letter formation. Please find below, the phrases we use when forming each letter.

Children’s mental health assembly


Maths – Divide

Maths no problem blue book – 123, 124, 125, 127, 128, 129

Sometimes number are large so drawing them takes longer and mistakes can be made. Today we are going to divide counting in 5 and 10’s.




Design or build your own Great Wall of China. You can either design your wall and label what you would use for the wall, fortresses or any other features you include or have a go at building it using things from your home. Make sure you have permission first!

There is some extra information about the Great wall of China on the offline folder below.


Children's Mental Health Activity

Choose some activities and send your pictures via class dojo


Times table 

Focus on your 10, 2 an d5 times table.

Who can answer times table questions the fastest? How many can you answer in 2 minutes?


PE – 

Can you create your own game and teach other too? 

Maybe you are able to go out side in the garden and create yourself an obstacle course. Challenge a member of your family. Who can complete it in he fastest time?





Play a game as a family such as monopoly, frustration, snakes and ladders, jenga or even a card game. Is it a game you have played before? Which game will you choose? Who will win? Did you enjoy playing the game with your family?


Take a picture of your family playing your chosen game together.


Story time

Choose your favourite book and share it with someone you love.