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Thursday 14th January

Good Morning My Lovely Year 4, wink


Today's lessons are posted over on Google Classroom. Here is the timetable for today.



Please complete all the activities and join us for the live lessons.

See you over on Google Classroom laugh


Miss T xx


More details about today.



Hello Year 4 Mrs Daren here! smiley

I am so excited because I am going to teach a maths lesson on Thursdays.

Please look at the Maths word document for book and page numbers and join me live at 11.00.

An Introduction to Hundredths

Matholia educational maths video on introduction to hundredths.#matholia #singaporemath #introduction #hundredths #fraction #decimalhttps://matholia.comLearn...

Here are some extra activities- there are 3 levels of work, please choose your level. The answers are there for you to check.

Finally have a go the the maths challenge I have put 2 up.

Good Luck, Enjoy! laugh