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Thursday 21st January

Good Morning My Terrific Year 4, laugh


Today's lessons are posted over on Google Classroom. Here is the timetable for today.



Please complete ALL the activities and join us for the live lessons.

See you over on Google Classroom wink 


Miss T xx


More details about today.



Hello Year 4, Please join me at 11.00 for our live maths lesson- Recap- Unit and non-unit fractions . I will also put the work up in Google classroom

Mrs Daren smiley


We will watch a video and go through the powerpoint together.

Extra Challenges!

I would like you to choose a Maths Mat and see how many questions you can answer .

I have put  yr 4 and yr 3 mats up, they have 3 different levels each so have a think about which is suitable for  you!

Good Luck, let me know how many you could do! laugh