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Thursday 2nd July

Thursday- Your child will be faced with scenarios that they will have to solve independently. Some of these will involve communicating effectively to you as parents. Look at the different scenarios and get your child to decide the best way to solve them. You might want to discuss different ways they could approach these and decide together which would be the best solution. 

Scenario 1: You have got a detention at school. How are you going to explain this to your parents?

Scenario 2: Explain to your parents about the after school clubs that take place at your school. Which ones do you want to take part in? 

Scenario 3: You return back to school but you have  to social distance from your classmates. How is this going to work? How are you going to abide by these rules? 

Scenario 4: Your parents want to know how you are going to get to school safely. Explain your route to them and also your back up plan. How long will it take you? When will you arrive at school and return from school? How will you let your family know you are safe?