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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine

Tue 2nd Feb


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 Speed sound lesson and spellings

Class spellings

Hold a sentence


Live on Google Classroom

Reading task - sounds chart, green words, red words, read the story. Today the story should be read with less 'Fred talk'. Now read the story to your child. Read the story again, missing out the word at the end of the sentence - we call this 'jumping in'. Your child will follow you reading (with their eyes on the page DON'T POINT) and read the word you miss out. This helps them gain fluency and become speedy readers. :)

Maths – Divide

More practise is needed drawing to prove how we divide.

Maths no problem blue book –  120, 121,

The Question book - 32

(Don't forget to send in a photo of your completed work).

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Bug Club Reading 1 book expected answering all bug questions. (I can see who completes a book)


Children's Mental Health Activity

Choose an activity and sent pictures via class dojo


Times table rockstars


Writing burst

Answer questions on page 9 of your booklet about the story we have been reading, Pandora.



Live on Google Classroom


The Five Pillars of Islam

Follow the slides to find out about the 5 pillars, what they are called and why they are important.


Don't forget to send a picture of your completed work.


Story time

Live on Google Classroom