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Good morning!

Please find today's work here. Remember we are 'zooming' for Maths today! I will put on the explanation sheet and worksheets for anyone who can't join the Zoom lesson. The login details for Zoom today are on Class Dojo. 

I am including a time table so that you can see how much time you should be spending on each lesson. 

Keep up the good work!

Ms R x

Timetable for the day


I would like you to watch the John Lewis Christmas advert again but this time in more detail. Please answer the questions on the attached sheet which links to VIPERS which we use when we are reading. If you can't print the sheet, you can email your answers or write the answers in your orange book. 


For your reading time today, I would like you to read the First News article and answer the questions. Reading text B is easier so choose this one if you think this is best for you. 

Anti bullying week

Today, I want you to look at the two posters explaining bullying and cyber-bullying. Then you need to organise the statements on the sheet into the correct section of the Venn diagram. You can do this in your book if you would prefer. You can either cut them out and stick them on the sheet or write them. 


If you have any time left and you are feeling 'arty' you can do the sketch of the Viking warrior. I sent this home with you last week. I would love to see your art work.