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Tuesday 1st December 2020

Choosing time ideas

*Go on a colour scavenger hunt around the house. Adults you will need to help with this one! 

Can you find me something that is blue? Red? Yellow? Green? Orange? Pink? Purple? Grey? Black? White? Brown?

Don't forget to take a picture of all the colourful things you manage to find!

*Can you use the kitchen tongs? Collect a range of different sized objects and see if you can move them from one basket to another. Only use one hand to make this challenge a little trickier.

*Grab a pile of newspapers from your recycling pile (if you have any left from yesterday!) and get ripping into shreds. We have done this in class together. The challenge is to try and rip the paper into the tiniest piece possible.

*Continue to practise drawing circles like we do in class. Remember to draw big circles AND little circles. The biggest circles you can, get moving that arm! Then the smallest circles you can.

You can also go up and down too. Stretch your arm as far as you can.