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*VE Day celebration ideas* Please click here

 Morning Families,

 I have put together a few ideas for how you could be creative to celebrate VE Day. I know trying to explain these things to little ones is hard,most of the stuff online is aimed at older children, so when we celebrate Remembrance Day together we explain to the children that it is a special day where we remember all the brave soldiers and everything they did and still do for us. You could try something along these lines, and that we are celebrating tomorrow to remember when the soldiers stopped fighting and could go home to their families. Keep it simple! 

I would love to see pictures of what you make and get up to tomorrow. Mrs MacInnes would also like to display some on our Facebook page to show the world the fantastic things you get up to.

Finally, have lots and lots of fun, and stay safe.

Mrs Allsopp Xx


*Make a party hat

*Make a VE Day wreath for front door

*You could have a go at making some red, white and blue baking

*VE Day Bunting to decorate inside or outside

*Make a medal like the brave soldiers wore. You could make the medal out of clay if you have it or a piece of cardboard covered in foil