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Wednesday 2nd December 2020



While we are off I would still like to read the children a story, so I have organised a Zoom session for today at 11.30. Please watch the video linked below to see how to log into Zoom. The website is I will send out the ID and password out via Class Dojo.

smileySee you all later! smiley

Choosing time ideas


*Make a sandwich. Carefully use a knife to spread the butter on your bread. Once an adult has helped you with your filling, put your other slice of bread on top, then VERY carefully cut your sandwich. I'd love to see what you have made before you eat it! 

*Use scissors to very carefully snip paper. Can you move your scissors forward while you are snipping?

*Make some paper aeroplanes. Stand paper and throw! How far can you throw them? Have a competition with someone you live with. I wonder who will win? Let me know!

*Be super helpful and help your adult with the polishing. Don't forget to move that arm round and round.