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Wednesday 3rd March

Year 3 timetable

There is an error on this morning's slide...can you spot it?

Registration Tough Ten


As today is non screen learning I would like you to use your CPG Grammar, Punctuation and spelling book please. This independent activity will help with the writing that we are doing in our English lesson. You will need Section 4, which is on page 20. It is conjunctions with main clauses. I would like you to complete pages 20,21,22 and 23

Maths - World Book Day Challenge

For today's lesson I would like you to have a go at this maths challenge. Remember you can always use EPIC when it comes to choosing your own book as part of the challenge. Good Luck

Continuing with our topic we are looking more at the Qu'ran and what it teaches as a holy book. Remember, part of following our British values we have an acceptance of others in our multi-cultural society including those that have different beliefs and religion to our own.

After looking at the powerpoint complete the activity. You can get creative and try to present your work using a style of writing called calligraphy. Remember to post your work either on class dojo or Google classroom. I look forward to seeing your work.