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Week 10 - 15.6.20

Friday 19th June

Hello Year 5. Hope you are all ok and haven't floated away in all this rain!  It was so lovely to see some of you on Wednesday; I'm sure you've all grown much taller!

Teachers will start planning some work from your work books next week and I will give you some other activities to do. 

Our topic is to look at our local history so I have given you some pictures of Brownhills to look at. I would like you do discuss them with someone at home and have a think about why these aren't pictures taken recently. 


English 19.6.20

Good morning year five.  Today and Monday we will be completing our writing project.  I can't wait to read the completed stories.

Miss B x  



Good Morning Year 5,


Today you will be learning about converting grams and kilograms, use the explanation sheet to help you. The challenges are problems based on length, you will need to think carefully to solve them.


Good luck

Miss T xx


Thursday 18th June

Hello how are we all today? It was lovely to see some of you yesterday when we were delivering the books, we will start using them next week.

Lets start with our Joke for today.

Why did the bear say no to pudding?

Because he was stuffed!!laugh laugh

Wednesday 16th June

Hi Year 5. Your science task today is to investigate magnets. I have put an activity on Purple Mash for you. It is called, Are they magnetic? You will watch a video and then sort the materials according to whether they are magnetic or not. I have also added a work sheet for you to fill out. 

I will be popping round to see you this afternoon with your new books so hope to say hello to as many of you as I can. 

Love Ms R x

Hello year five,

Today in English you will be drafting your story.  Don't forget to proof read it and check the punctuation is accurate.

Miss B XX



Hello Lovelies,

Today you will be converting units of mass. Remember to use the explanation sheet to help you. The challenges are tricky so think carefully.


Miss T xx

Tuesday 16th June

Hi everyone. Today your topic work will be to present your research on Alaska. I have put you a template on Purple Mash for you to do this on. You can decide how to set it out and what information to add. It is under blank fact file.  Or, if you'd rather, you can do it on paper as a poster. 

I would like as many of you as possible to go on Bug Club this week. I have made sure there are lots of books on there for you to read. It is so important that you keep up your reading. 

Have a great day and I will see you soon with your new work books. 

Love Ms Randle x

Tuesday 16.6.20

Good morning everyone.  Today in English, we will be planning our own wishing story.  I hope you followed the links yesterday- the stories will help you to get some ideas.  

Miss B XX



Good Morning Year 5,

Today in Maths, you will be converting numbers into centimetres, feet and inches. There are lots of clues on the Explanation sheet to help you. Have fun! I am looking forward to seeing your wonderful worklaugh.


Miss T xx

Hi everyone. Hope you have all had a good weekend. Did you see and hear the thunder storm on Saturday night? 

Your topic work this week will be to produce a fact-file on Alaska. Today you will be finding out some facts and making some notes after watching a short video. I have pt two websites on for extra information on glaciers and animals. 

Good morning year five,

Hope you all had a good weekend.  It is the last week of our writing project.  Hopefully, we will be starting to write our stories on Friday.  Today, we will be looking at wishing tales and what objects could feature in our stories.  I have uploaded some links to help you generate some ideas.

Miss B XX



Good Morning Year 5,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I especially enjoyed the thunder laugh. This week we will be continuing with Measurements as our Maths topic. There are workbook questions and 3 challenges to have a go at. Good luck! Remember to share your work on ClassDojo.


Miss T xx