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Week 12- 29.6.20

Friday 2nd July

Morning everyone. Thank you your beautiful art work some of you have sent. I will put some of the photographs on Class Dojo. 

Today I thought you could all rest your brains a bit after you've done your Maths and English and instead exercise your bodies instead, so, you can either do a Joe Wicks work out or have a go at the dance video I have added. Year 6 will be doing it in school too at 9am! 

Have fun and have a good weekend.

Ms R x



Good morning Year 5,


Today for Maths I would like you to complete page 14 in your new home learning books.

You will be adding and subtracting mentally. That means you should be working out the sums in your head and then writing down the answers.

Some of them are tricky so read the questions carefully. 


Send us your pictures on ClassDojo. We love to see them.


Miss T xx


Have a go at completing these challenges too!




Friday 3.7.20

Hi year five.  It’s Friday J

In English today we are looking at addressing the reader as a persuasive device. 

Your workbook activity is p55 (prefixes and suffixes.)

Prefixes and suffixes are super useful for changing the meanings of words, but what are they? A prefix is a group of letters (or an affix) that's added to the beginning of a word, and a suffix is an affix that's added to the end of a word. Prefixes can change the meaning of a word.

Extra challenge:  Design a poster of the persuasive techniques that you have learnt.





Thursday 2nd July

Hello Year 5, Thursday seems to come round really quickly! 

Lets start as always with our joke for the day.

How do bees get to school?

By school buzz...!laugh laugh


For maths today I would like you to use your workbook and complete pages 60 & 61, Angles rules.

Remember    Angles at a point add up to 360 degrees.

                      Angles on a straight line add up to 180 degrees.

                      Angles at a 1/4 turn add up to 90 degrees.

                      Angles at a 3/4 turn add up to 270 degrees.


I have also given you the next maths challenge.


Please complete pages 22& 23 from your workbook, Clauses and Phrases.


Wednesday 1.7.20

Good morning year five.  I hope everyone is well.  Today, we will be learning about persuasive techniques.  I have uploaded a PowerPoint for you to look at explaining the different persuasive devices.  There is also an activity linked to using adjectives. 

Spelling activity: page 54 of your workbook. 

Extra challenge- Design a poster displaying the persuasive devices you have learnt.

Wednesday work

Hi everyone. If you fancy doing something 'arty' today, why not have a go at creating some art using natural materials you might find outside on your garden or at the park. Do you remember when we did the Andy Goldsworthy sculptures on the playground last term? Well, I am including some photographs to give you some ideas. You have all week to do this. Please send me your pictures; I'd love to see them.

Ms R x 

Art pictures



Good morning Year 5,


Today for Maths I would like you to complete pages 12 and 13 in your new home learning books.

You will be solving problems using straight-forward calculations. Some are word problems, some are normal equations. Read the questions carefully. 


Send us your pictures on ClassDojo. We love to see them.


Miss T xx


Have a go at completing these challenges too!




Tuesday 30th June

Hi everyone. Thank you for your pictures of the miner you have sent me. I'm very impressed with your art work. Today's activity is to complete a book review. I have allocated four books on Bug Club. I would like you to choose two of them and complete the review sheet on Purple Mash that I have allocated you. You have until Friday to do this. 

The book choices are:

*Curse of the highwayman

*The mystery of the missing finger

*When will the sun go out?

*Dead sick

Happy reading!


Today we will be identifying boastful adjectives in the text.  

Then complete p53 on plurals in your workbook.

Have a good day.

Miss B X



Good morning Year 5,

I hope your week is going well. Today for Maths you will be solving word problems by converting units. You will be converting using time, length, and money. Please complete pages 54 and 55 in your home learning book.

Here are some hints to help with your conversions.


There are 60 minutes in an hour.

5 miles is the same as 8 kilometres.



Have a great day,

Miss T xx

Monday 29th June

Hi everyone. Hope you are all well. To continue with our topic on the history of Brownhills, I am making a link with art today. See the sheet which gives you some information about the artist who created the miner statue. I have also added a website if you want to see how the statue was put together. I would like you to practise your drawing skills by sketching a picture of the miner. Please send me your pictures; I'd love to see them. 

artist info

Monday 29.6.20 

Good morning year five.  I hope you all had a good weekend.

Here is your learning today:

Have a look at the comprehension questions on the PowerPoint.

Do p51 of your workbook.

Have a good day,

Miss B X



Good morning Year 5,

Today you will be estimating the volume and capacity of 3D shapes. Read the questions carefully. The shapes are 3D so there will be some cubes you will not see.

Please complete pages 52 and 53 in your new home learning book. Use this slide to help you work out the volumes.



Don't forget to show us your work on ClassDojo.

Miss T xx