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Week 13- 6.7.20

Friday 10th July

Hi everyone. Here is your work for today. 

Maths - please do page 11 on Roman numerals. I have added a challenge too if you want to have a go. 

English- please complete page 17 on speech marks. 

Please see posters for information to help you. 


Thursday 9 July

Good morning lovely to see some of you on zoom the other day smiley

Lets get started with our joke.

What did the policeman say to his belly button?

You're under a vest!laugh laugh


Please complete pages 66 & 67 from your workbook- Reflection. I have put up problem of the Day 7, if you would like an extra challenge. 



Please complete pages 24 & 25 from your work book- Conjunctions.



Wednesday 8th July

Morning everyone. It was lovely to have some of you back in school yesterday and great to see others at home on Zoom. We really miss you all and are looking forward to being back together in September. 

Your activities are below for Maths and English and a little fun activity too. 


Complete pages 16 and 17 of your workbooks on square and cubed numbers. 







Please complete pages 12/13/14 of workbooks on apostrophes.

Tuesday 7th July

Can you see if you can remember how to write today's date in french!

Morning everyone. Here is your work for today. The children attending school will be doing the same work as those of you at home. 



Please complete pages 18/19 and 20 of your workbooks on multiples/factors and prime numbers. See the posters to remind you what these are. 

English- choose some of these spelling correction activities

For Fun!

Can you work out what these riddles are describing? Can you write your own for me to work out? Ask me for the answers when you think you have worked them out. smiley

Monday 6th July

Morning everyone. Hope you are all well and have had a good weekend. Well, we are in to the last two weeks of the summer term and what a strange term it has been! I am very much looking forward to welcoming some of you back into school tomorrow. I know some of you may be anxious but please don't worry, we have made it very safe for you and you will feel very welcome. For those of you not coming, I have arranged an online meeting via Zoom so that we can all see each other. If you are interested please send me your email address. I have attached a letter to give you some more information about this. 

I am setting some Maths and English work for you this week and some other fun activities for you to have a go at. 

See you soon,

Ms Randle x



Please complete page 9 of your workbook on prepositions. See the poster to remind you what they are.


Please complete page 10 of your workbooks on rounding. 

Fun activity- can you think of something you have learnt this year beginning with each letter of the alphabet?