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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine

Week 3

Hello to all my lovely class and families.

I hope you have had a lovely Easter and I can't wait to see any pictures you have of you and your family having fun.

A big well done to all those who have been working hard on Times tables Rock Stars. I know that some battles have been taking place against each other! Your scores are amazing!! These are our top ten scorers, but for how long?


Erin 43,955
Alexandria 41,596
Archie Pa 12,098
Gracie 11,144
Sophie 10,130
Caine 6,950
Scarlett O 6,763
Scarlet G 1,170
Jacob 1,105
Oliver 856


Mrs G x

Well done to those who have added work to their portfolios on class dojo. Those class dojo points are adding up!

Times table rock star points are rising. Well done to Erin who has been working hard on her times tables.


Our top 10 Rock stars...


Erin 52,115
Alexandria 46,206
Archie Pa 18,043
Gracie 12,634
Sophie 10,130
Scarlett O 8,033
Caine 7,920
Scarlet G 1,440
Oliver 1,422
Jacob 1,105


Wednesday 22nd April