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Week 4 - 27.4.20

Hi children. Hope you have all had a good weekend. I will be looking at the children who are reading on Bug Club each week and putting their names on here so keep up your reading! You will get dojo points for all the reading you do. 

Lots of you are sending me pictures of your work and I really enjoy seeing what you are up to so keep up the good work. 

Remember to get some exercise too. This is what I saw on my daily exercise last week.

 Love Ms Randle x

One of the parents has messaged me with this information. It is advertised on Facebook. Might be worth a look, as we are learning about space at the moment.

Thank you for the info. 

Ms R

Space Online Day

Friday 1st May

Happy Friday Year 5. Last day of home learning for the week. Well done to all of you who have been sending Mrs Daren and myself all your amazing learning. We love looking at what you have been doing and  don't forget to ask if you need any help on anything. I want to test you on your spellings today, so please look on Class Dojo for this. ENJOY THE WEEKEND  and I'll speak to you Monday. 

Love Ms Randle x


Maths- choose the sheet which you think is best for you.


This will be a test on your spellings given earlier in the week.

I have also put a task on Purple Mash for you to do on modal verbs. 

Thursday 30th April

Good morning Yr 5 hope you and your family are keeping well and staying safe. Here is my joke for the day.

What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?

A dino-snore! laugh laugh 

Please take a look at your home- learning for today and I would love to see how you get on, so if you can post on our classes dojo page. 

Mrs Daren x



Wednesday 29th April

Hi children, what a horrible, wet day! Hope you have managed to find something fun to do inside. Here is your English and Maths work for today. 


Today, you will write your new 'finding tale'. You have done all of the planning so you should be full of great ideas. If you want to write your story on Purple Mash I have set you a 'to do' task and you can write your story on there. I look forward to reading them. 

Something musical!

Click on the two links and watch the videos about the piece of music written by the composer Holst called The Planets Suite.

Then answer the questions I have set you. You will find all the answers on the first video.

I would like to know what you think of the piece of music called Mars. 

Question sheet

Tuesday 28th April

Hi children 

your work is here for today. I have added a 'just for fun' activity- just click on the link. I am going to do it too!

I am also going to add some spellings each week. There will be a test on a Friday. Check in on Friday to see how this will work!

Ms R x

Just for Fun!

See if you can guess the name of the books and films from the emojis. 


This week we are learning about how we get day and night. You'll need to click on the link to watch the video and then I have set you a 'to do' task on Purple Mash.