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Weeks 5/6 w/b 20.4.20- 27.4.20


It's Friday :-)

We have completed our story. Please publish it and write out your best copy.  You could use the rainbow paper or your own paper.  You could even type it up-it's up to you.  I can't wait to read the completed stories.  In maths, we are counting in hundredths.  For topic, please draw some Roman Gods.  You could try to learn their names today too.

Have a great weekend everyone X


Today we will be completing our story.  Don't forget to proof read it and check your spellings.  In maths, we are learning that 10 hundredths is the same as 1 tenth.  Also, we will be finding out about the Roman Gods.


Good morning, today we will be continuing to write our wishing story.   In maths, we are looking at tenths and hundredths.  In our topic work we are thinking about what it would be like to be a Roman citizen at an ampitheatre.  Have a good day X


Good morning.  Today we will be writing the second part of our story.  In maths, there are some decimal reasoning problems for you to tackle.  For topic today, I have given you some information about Roman entertainment.  Please read the slides and discuss it with your family/ carers.  Please present what you have learnt about gladiators on Purple Mash.


Good morning.  In maths this week, we will be learning about hundredths.  This builds on the learning last week.  In English, we will be writing our wishing story beginning.  We are also learning about the Romans.  Today we will be learning about the story of Romulus and Remus.  There are a few different versions of this story. You can find this story on youtube but the stories may differ slightly.  Well done Ciara and Vinnie for going on Bug Club last week, I awarded you some Dojo points on Friday.  I hope everyone is reading at home.  Also, please do keep practising your spellings every day.  I have uploaded a document so you can learn 5 a day or whatever is manageable for you.  X


Good morning, I hope you all have a good weekend.

Here is your learning for today:



Today's English is planning a wishing story.  I have included some examples to help you generate some ideas.  There is also an art activity included in the slides.



In maths today, we are consolidating the learning about tenths.  I have also included a game.


Good morning.  Thank you so much for showing me your learning on Class Dojo.  I am awarding dojo points for each completed subject.  Here is today's learning:


Today's learning recaps on fronted adverbials which is a focus in year four.

I have put the year 3/4 spellings here too.  Please do try and learn these words.  You could possibly learn a few a day.  There are tips for practising spellings on the PowerPoint.


We are still learning about tenths.  Today teaches us that ten tenths =1. 


Today is a quiz about Italy.  Can you find the answers to the questions?


Good morning.  Thank you to anyone who has sent me photos of their work on Class Dojo.  I am so impressed.  I hope you are managing to follow the PowerPoints.  Please do email or message me with any issues. 

Here is today's work:




I have added the next part of the English which is focused on sentence level work and vocabulary.


We are still learning about tenths.  This is new learning for the children so I am hoping they are able to follow the PowerPoint.  All activities and answers are on the slides.


The focus today is Italian cities.


Thanks to everyone who uploaded their writing onto Class Dojo.  I really enjoyed reading your wishes. 


I have uploaded the next part of the PowerPoint. 


PowerPoint on decimals includes activities and answers.


Where is Italy?  Can you locate Italy on a map?  What do you know about Italy?  The PowerPoint will help you to find out some facts about Italy.

Good morning year four,

I really hope that you had a fantastic Easter.  Hopefully you completed some of the tasks I set you before the holidays.  Please do upload onto the class Dojo website if you can; I would love to see them.  I will be giving Dojo points for any work completed this term.  I am thinking of you all.

Miss Blakeman X


Maths- please look at the PowerPoint first.  Then there is a worksheet if you need extra practice.


We will be following the Talk for Writing scheme.  Please read the letter from Mrs Randle for further explanation.  I have uploaded today's activity.  I will add new activities onto the PowerPoint daily.



Our topic this half term is the Romans.  I love this topic.

My question is:

What do you already know about the Romans? 

Type it into Purple Mash. 

We will look at this at the end of the topic to see what we have learnt.

There will be Dojo points for work submitted.