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Week 6 - 11.5.20



Friday 15th May

Happy Friday!

Hope you did some lovely work for Mrs Daren yesterday. Today you will be writing up your information text on your invented animal. There are the instructions on the sheet to make a book to write your text in or you can do your own on paper or in your exercise book. If you are doing the Stone Trolls story you will be doing an adjective activity. In maths you will be carrying on practising percentages and for Science you will need a packet of Oreos! See the sheet for more information. 

Have a good day and a lovely weekend. 

Oops! I nearly for, there is a little spelling test too!


Look at the powerpoint which tells you why the moon looks different at different times. There is a sheet to fill in BUT...   if you want to, you can show the phases of the moon by using Oreos. I will leave you to figure out how you could do that!

Thursday 14th May

Good morning children and families, hope you are all still well and ready for your learning. I am in school today, but will respond to anything you need as soon as I can, so keep sharing your work. 

Lets start with our joke for today.

How do you stop an astronauts baby from crying?

You rocket! laugh laugh


Wednesday 13th May

Good morning! How are you all today? I have had lots of messages and pictures of your work from yesterday and I am so impressed with how you are getting on with your learning at home. I know it is difficult for you and it is hard for the teachers too as we would much rather be teaching you in the classroom but keeping up your learning at home is so important until we can all get back together again. 

Thank you to Corey and Mateusz for sending me your abstract space pictures; they really did cheer me up. 

Tuesday 12th May

Morning! Here is your work for today. In maths we are starting to learn about percentages. Ask your grown ups when we might need to use percentages and let me know what they say!

In English you will be writing an information text, focusing today on appearance of the blue-headed iguana.

Remember to practise the spellings from the crossword yesterday. There will be a test on Friday. Make sure you know what each of the words mean!

Well done to Astrid, Mariama, Anthony, Stephanie and Adam who have been reading on Bug Club today. 

There is a powerpoint to look at on the moon landing in 1969 and then I would like you to add the facts you have learnt on the 'to do' activity on Purple Mash. 

For those artists out there I am putting up a powerpoint with an art activity with a 'space' theme. 

Monday 11th May

Morning children and welcome to another week of home learning. I hope that you had a good, long weekend. It was lovely to hear about some of the activities you did to remember VE day- thank you for sharing these. 

Well done to all the children who are keeping up their reading on Bug Club. I have put your names in the reading stars folder and given you some dojo pints. If you read any other books I would love to hear about them. Look out for a special book review page coming up soon which I would love you to join in with. 

Here is your work for today.

Love Ms Randle

Monday 11th May

Texts for Stone Trolls and Meet the Rhino

I am putting a spelling crossword here for you to do. You can complete it over the next couple of days. They are all words that you need to learn to spell. I have added the answers and a list with all the Year 5/6 words to help you! Good luck!

Maths- complete the decimals review sheet