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Week 6

Today, Mrs MacInnes, Mrs Llewellyn, Mrs Reay and myself would have been pacing around waiting for your arrivals and the unveiling of the SATS papers. We would have welcomed you into St James with yummy treats and greeted you with large, reassuring smiles, we would have looked at you all with pride and love in our eyes and we would have offered you caring and positive words to motivate you for the day that lay ahead of you. 

You may have had butterflies in your tummies and you would probably have been loud and crazy like you usually are! There would have been squeals of excitement, groaning and hugs to reassure our friends, most importantly, we would have been TOGETHER. 

However, today is a very different day. You are at home safe with your loved ones, for some of you, you feel relief and happiness and some of you are frustrated and in disbelief. These SATS were going to be chance for us all to show how hard we have worked this year and how we should never be underestimated at St James. Nevertheless, we do not need test results to show that and to measure everything you have learnt. Just be you and continue to do your best. 

Many of your skills that you have gained can’t be defined by a test. You will go forwards from here representing St James and you will show everyone how amazing you are and that hard work pays off. 

You have all come so far in the time I have known you. You are wonderful human beings who all have bright futures ahead of you. We may not be together, but I promise you that I am so proud of you and always will be. Please never forget that. 

Have a lovely day, 

As always, Take care of each other, 

Stay safe, 

Love Mrs Selvey x 

Friday 15th May

Thursday 14th May

SILLY SATS - SPAG & Spelling Thursday 14th

Silly Spellings Sheet to write your answers on

Silly SATS spelling script for adults to read out (😂😂 good luck grown - ups 😂😂)

Wednesday 13th May

Wednesday 13th May SILLY SATS - reading

Tuesday 12th May

Monday 11th May

We will be returning to our 'normal online lessons' next week, but for this week we are going to do 'SILLY SATS WEEK'. I want you to have fun completing these tasks, I look forward to you sending me your 'test paper' 😉. The instructions are all on the paper, you will have until Thursday to complete the tasks. Each day, I will add a new 'SILLY SATS' TASK which you will be able to complete each day. Don'y worry about printing the paper off, you can just write your answers on paper. Remember, this is just for fun, but I would like you all to take part - you are making history being part of LOCKDOWN SATS! 


some of the pages aren't displaying properly, so they are added here individually 😊

 Year 6 got talent

During this week, I would like you to do a short video showcasing a talent that you have (singing, dancing, sport,magic, reading, telling jokes... absolutely anything goes!) or sharing a school memory. Can you send these to be by Friday please. As always, Dojo points will be awarded. (This is something that we would have done in school this week, but we won't let LOCKDOWN stop us!) 😉