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Week beginning 13.7.20

Friday 17.6.20

What can I say year four.  You really have been an amazing class this year.

Myself, Miss Watton and Mrs Newman are so very proud of all of you for your hard work and effort this year.  You remind me every day of why I became a teacher.  I know this year was short but we get to do more amazing things next year and I can't wait.  Miss Hill will be joining our class and I know she is really excited to work with you all.  So have a lovely holiday and I will see you all in September.

Miss B XX

Thursday 16th July

A fun activity today:

Maths- Emojii code breaking sheets- you can choose which level is right for you.

Art/English- Invent a machine.  My machine would be a save time in the morning machine.  I would call my machine the 'Morning Miracle 5000.'  It would do my hair and make-up, dress me and make me coffee and breakfast.  (Sounds fantastic!) 

What would your machine do?

Extra challenge: Explain what it does/ how it works.


Wednesday 15.7.20

Good morning.

Here is your learning for today:

English:  p25 of your workbook.

Subordinating conjunctions-conjunction is a word, or words, used to connect two clauses together. Words such as: 'although', 'because' or 'when' . ... A subordinating conjunction is simply the word/words that is used to join a subordinating clause to another clause or sentence.

Maths: p13 of your workbook.

History:  Design a poster to show what you have learnt about the Romans.

Tuesday 14.7.20

Good morning, here is your home learning for today:

English- Proof read and edit your story.  Write it up in your best handwriting.  Please do email me a copy if you can. 

In addition, please complete p24 of your workbook.

Coordinating conjunctions. 

Conjunctions are joining words that link together parts of a sentence. The three main coordinating conjunctions are 'and', 'but' and 'or'. They can be used to join together two clauses in a sentence. However, the clauses need to make sense on their own.

Maths- Please complete p12 on rounding.


Game- Romans Vs Celts -see link.

MONDAY 13.7.20

Good morning everyone.  This is our last week of home learning.  Well done for the fantastic effort so far.

English-  Today we are writing our story for our T4W project.  Have a look at the PowerPoint.  Don't forget to follow your plan from Friday. 

In addition, please complete p11 of your workbook.


Please complete p56 and 57 of your workbook on symmetry.  

Extra challenge: reflections sheets (choose your level.)


The Roman civilization left the world with many legacies still seen today. These contributions were made in art and architecture, technology and science, medicine, literature, language, religion, and law.


What did the Roman's do for us?  What have they left behind?

What have the Roman's invented/ made/built/ introduced to Britain?

Before you look at the PowerPoint- write down some things that you think exist today thanks to the Romans.


-Look at the PowerPoint.  How many did you get right?  Hopefully you will learn about some things you didn't know too.