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Week beginning 1.6.20

Friday 5.6.20

It's Friday!  I hope everyone is well.  In English, we are continuing to look at the characters in the story and about character's names.  Today is our last day learning about Roman numerals.  I have uploaded a jigsaw (with answers) and a maths starter activity.  For topic, I have uploaded some interesting facts about the Romans.  Please read these and then do some research to find out an interesting fact or two of your own.  There will be extra Dojo points if you can teach me something about the Romans.  

Have a great day XX

Thursday 4.6.20

Good morning year four.  I am thinking about you all.  In English, we will be looking at characters.  In maths, there are some Roman numerals problem solving for you to have a go at (the answers are on the slides.)  In topic, we are learning about Roman houses.  Find out some information about Roman villas.  Fill in the for sale sheet using the information you have learnt.

Here is your home learning for today:


Wednesday 3.6.20

Hi year four.  Today we will continue to practise our Roman numerals.  I have uploaded a colouring sheet for you to do- I hope you enjoy it.  In English we are carrying on with our writing project.  The work is on the PowerPoint.  In science we are learning about complete and incomplete electrical circuits.  Have a great day!


Tuesday 2.6.20

Good morning, today we will be carrying on with our English project.  In maths, we are learning the Roman numerals to 100.  I have uploaded a 100 square to help you do the activities on the slides.  In our topic we are looking at Roman houses.  There is a question for you to answer on the PowerPoint.


Monday 1.6.20

Good morning, I really hope everyone had a good week and enjoyed the sunshine.  We are starting a new talk for writing project this week.  In maths/topic, we are learning about Roman numerals.  Today we will focus on 1-20. Please continue to send me your work by e-mail/ class Dojo.  I love to see what you have done.

Miss B X