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Week beginning 18.5.20

Friday 22.5.20

Hi year four.  Next week is half term so I won't be posting any home learning.  However, feel free to try an idea from the English PowerPoint or even something from the Roman topic PowerPoint.  Have a good week everyone.

Here is your learning for today:  

English- We will be evaluating what we have learnt.  There are also some ideas for  writing projects on the PowerPoint.

Maths-We are learning that you can count squares to work out the area of a square or rectangle.  Alternatively, you can find the area by multiplying the length by the width of the shape.

Topic- You can learn about Roman soldiers and what they wear.

Thursday 21.5.20

Today we are going to be writing our advert.  In maths, we are still learning about the area of shapes.  For topic, I thought you might like to try something creative.  Please do send me pictures of your learning.

Wednesday 20.5.20

Good morning year 4.  Today, we will be planning our writing.  We will be writing an advert for a planet.  In maths, we are looking at area.  In science, we will be considering how electricity can be dangerous.

Here is your learning for today:


Tuesday 19.5.20

Hi everyone.  Here is your learning for today:

English- please write your best copy of your alien log.  It would be lovely to share some examples of writing on Facebook on Friday.  Please do email/ send a photo of the writing on class dojo.  

Maths- We are starting a topic on area.  

Topic- What is Italy like?  If you went to Rome what could you do/visit?

Monday 18.5.20

Good morning year 4.  Here is your learning for today:

English- write your alien log.  Use the example as a guide.  Check your writing makes sense and has the correct punctuation.

Maths- Following on from last week, complete the symmetrical figures.  

Science- Today we are looking at appliances that use electricity.  You will be deciding if they are powered by batteries or the mains.