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Week beginning 4th May 2020

Thursday 7th May 2020

Dear Parent and Carers,

As tomorrow is a bank holiday, there will not be any work posted on the school website on Friday. Instead, I have prepared lots of VE day activities for you to complete with your child today and tomorrow. Mr Nicholls has asked us to give him examples of the children’s work on VE day. He will be sending them to Walsall Council, where they may be used in a display if selected. Please make sure you email me at mwalker@theatlasfederation or on class dojo and share all the work you complete with your child around the VE day activities. I will then pass it on to Mrs MacInnes and Mr Nicholls. Thank you for your continuing support and hard work. It continues to be a joy to see all your lovely children and all the activities they are completing during this difficult time. Please stay safe and well and do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help.

Thank you again,

Mrs Walker x