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Week beginning 6.7.20

Friday 10.7.20

Good morning, its nearly the weekend :-)

Here is your home learning for today:

English- I have uploaded the PowerPoint for our talk 4 writing project.  Today, we will be starting to plan our story. PowerPoint is underneath the topic section.

Could you also complete p10 of your workbook.

Maths- p17 of your workbook.  (The answers are in the back of the book.)

Topic-  Could you produce a quiz for someone else in year 4 based on the Romans.  You could make the answers multiple choice if you want to.

You could include questions about :




-the army

-the baths

-Hadrian's wall





-Roman roads







Thursday 9.7.20

English- see the PowerPoint for the talk for writing work.  Your task today is to design a goblin's necklace.  In addition, please complete p17 on speech marks.

Maths- Our Zoom lesson will be on negative numbers.  You will find the activity on p7 of your workbook.  

Extra challenge- See sheets (choose your level.)

Topic- Read about the eruption of Vesuvius in AD79 and how it completely destroyed Pompeii.  Imagine you were there that day, fill in the sheet about the sights, sounds and smells. 

Warning- I have uploaded two short video clips but an adult must watch them first to check it is suitable for you as it shows some of the casualties of the eruption.

Wednesday 8.7.20

Hi year four.  I am seeing some of you in school today- I'm excited!  Here is the home learning for today:


-We are using apostrophes today to make the word it's.

It's either means it is or it has.

Please complete p14 of your workbook.  I have uploaded a PowerPoint to help you.

-Today we will also be designing a menu for a goblin party.  You could devise a menu for one of your goblin characters.  Have a look at the  T4W PowerPoint.



Today we will be revising short multiplication.  Please refer to p25 of your maths workbook.

Extra challenge- missing digits sums- there are three levels to choose from.


We have been learning about Hadrian's Wall- let's see what you can remember.  I have uploaded some bricks.  There is a space to write some facts.  How many facts can you write from memory?

Stuck?  You could watch one of the videos again to help you remember.


Tuesday 7.7.20

Good morning year four.

Your home learning for today:


We are carrying on with apostrophes.  Today we are looking at contractions.  Please complete p13 of your workbook.  There is also work linked to our goblin theme on the PowerPoint.

 -A contraction is two words that are combined, with a few letters often replaced by an apostrophe, like when we change do and not into don't.

Extra challenge: Contractions spelling worksheet.


Today we will be learning to compare and order numbers.  These activities are on pages 10 and 11 of your workbook.

Extra challenge:  Comparing and ordering sheet.


We have started learning about Hadrian's wall.  I have uploaded a comprehension sheet- choose your level.

Monday 6.7.20

Good morning year four.  I hope you all had a good weekend.

Here is your home learning for today:


Today we are designing a goblin's suitcase.  Read the poem and consider what might be inside your goblin's suitcase.

Our grammar focus is apostrophes for possession:  this is on p12 of your workbook.  I have uploaded a video clip and a PowerPoint to help you.  

Extra challenge:  If you want extra activities, look at the worksheets and choose the appropriate level.

Apostrophes to show possession:

Apostrophes are used to tell us that something belongs to someone.


Today we are looking at 1000 more and less.  This is on p9 of your workbook.  

Extra challenge:  I have uploaded some extra activities that might interest you.


Today we will be learning about the Roman Emperor Hadrian and the wall he built..