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St James

Primary School

Where children shoot for the stars and shine

Year 1

Autumn 1

Science - Animals Inc. Humans.

Geography - Have you ever been lost?

Art - Printing

Computing – Online safety and grouping and sorting

R.E – How do we celebrate special times?

Music – Charanga – Hey you!

P.E - Fundamental movement skills


Autumn 2

Science - Autumn and Winter.

History - Great Fire of London.

Design and Technology - Simple pop up mechanisms.

Computing – Pictograms and lego builders

R.E - The Christmas Story.

Music - Charanga – Rhythm in the way we walk and he banana rap

P.E – Fundamental movement skills


Spring 1

Science - Everyday materials.

History - Travel and Transport.

Design and Technology - Make a model vehicle.

Computing – Maze explorers and animated story books.

R.E – How do we say thank you for the Earth?

Music - Charanga – In the groove

P.E - Gymnastics


Spring 2

Science - Winter and Spring.

Geography - Sunhats or umbrellas.

Art - Weather drawing.

Computing - Coding

R.E - How do we say thank you for the Earth?

Music - Charanga – Round and round

P.E - Dance


Summer 1

Science - Plants.

Geography - What if I live in..?

Design and Technology - Make a Salad.

Computing - Spreadsheets

R.E – The power to make a difference.

Music - Charanga – Your imagination

P.E – Team Games


Summer 2

Science - Spring and Summer.

History - Toys.

Art - Under the sea.

Computing – Technology outside school.

R.E – Beginning to learn about Sikh people

Music - Charanga – Reflect, rewind and replay

P.E - Athletics