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Year 3



Year 3 and families, I can't wait to see you all again in class tomorrow. It's been so long!

I know that some of you might be feeling anxious about your return to school but, I bet by break time it will feel like you've never been away. It won't take long to settle back into our learning routine and the only catching up that we need to think about is catching up with our class mates and catching up with making more memories together ❤
See you all at 8.50
love Mrs Selvey, Mrs Raybone-Lock & Mrs Smith xxx

Dear Year 3,

For this time during Lockdown we are moving to Google Classrooms. This will mean we will safely be able to provide live lessons that will be taught in the classroom and at home. It is very important that you join these lessons so that you can keep producing the fantastic work that you have been completing these past few weeks.


The live lesson will begin with an explanation from your teacher, Miss Hashmi. You must have your video on but be muted, unless your teacher asks you to speak. If you have a question, you can raise your hand or type the question in the chat. Mrs Raybone-Lock will also be on the lesson to help you, if needed.


You will then be asked to go and complete your task. Here you must stay on mute and turn off your camera - Miss Hashmi will do the same. If you need any help on the task, turn your video back on and wait patiently for Miss Hashmi to come back on the screen to help you.


If you need any help please message me or Mrs Raybone-Lock.


Take care and stay safe,

Love Mrs MacInnes x

Instructions on using Google Classroom

Week 12 highlights

It has been another busy week for us in year 3! We have created our own cave paintings as part of our history lesson. We have looked at rocks in science and experimented with the erosion of them. In English we have looked at examples of figurative language and had fun creating our own similes and metaphors which we will be able to use in our writing next week. In maths, we have been solving problems using bar models. 

We have also welcomed a new class mate to year 3 this week. You have settled in brilliantly - it feels like you have always been part of our y3 family! Thank you y3 for helping and supporting her. You are always so thoughtful and kind to each other.

Mrs Selvey is not in class today( Friday) I wonder if the donut / sweet treat fairy will deliver to year 3 on her behalf. You will have to get in touch with me on Dojo to let me know! 😉

As always, have a lovely weekend,

stay safe,

love Mrs Selvey x

Week 11 


Week 11 highlights.

We had a wonderful start to our Anti-Bullying week on Monday with our virtual assembly. I think Andy & The odd socks have some new-found fans in y3! I loved you showing how unique we all are with wearing odd socks.You looked fab! We continued with Science and classified a range of rocks. The children are enjoying our new English unit called Coming Home and we are continuing our subtraction skills in maths.

We ended our week with Friendship Friday and another donut/sweet treat.

Have a lovely weekend,

stay safe,

love Mrs Selvey x


16TH-20TH November

Week 10

Week 10 highlights

We have begun lots of new topics this week, including the Stone Age in History, Rocks, Fossils and soil in Science and designing and making a photo frame fit for royalty in our DT sessions. We have published our truth about trolls report in English, you have worked so hard on these and taken so much pride in your presentation. I can't wait to show them off to Mrs MacInnes! We have continued working hard with our subtraction calculations in maths. Alongside all of this we have learned about Armistice day and created some lovely poppy art. We have had the perfect day to end another perfect week with our children in need day. pudsey set us some code breakers to complete and of course we had our donut/sweet treat Friday!

Have a lovely weekend,

Stay safe,

Love Mrs Selvey x

Autumn 2


week 9

Year 3, thank-you for an amazing return to school, As always, you have all been so eager to learn and always remain so positive! Mrs Smith, Mrs Raybone-Lock and myself are so proud of each and everyone of you.

You are all now real experts on trolls- your report writing is really taking shape this week, I can't wait to read your completed versions. You have worked exceptionally hard in maths and are challenging yourselves day-by-day.

Your poppies that you decorated for our whole school display looked beautiful and your firework art looked like real fireworks exploding in the night sky. (I think Mrs Raybone-Lock is a little bit jealous of your artistic skills! 😂)

Have a wonderful weekend,

stay safe,

​​​​​​​Love Mrs Selvey x

week 7 highlights

To all my superstars -yay! We have completed our first half term together! You should all be super proud of yourselves for everything that you have achieved over the last 7 weeks, I know that Mrs  Raybone-Lock, Mrs Smith and myself are! Enjoy looking through the highlights of this week, including our celebration of Mrs Raybone-Lock's birthday today, thanks for the cakes Mrs Smith, they were delicious! 

I loved your think outside the box Thursday and Flasback Friday this week. Thankyou for all of your hard work in learning all about Black History Month and I think Vincent Van Gogh himself would be very proud of your artistic skills!

Have a lovely relaxing week and I'll see you all on 2nd November for some ' spooky going on'!

Have a lovely week,

Stay safe,

love Mrs Selvey x

Week 6 highlights

We have crammed so much learning into this week and the children have worked exceptionally hard as always. We have continued our learning about volcanoes and looked at how they formed. We investigated uses of magnets in our science lessons. The children were very creative in their writing about what their troll eats, they certainly gave Mr Twit a run for his money with such disgusting food choices! At times this week, maths was challenging but the children showed such perseverance.

Enjoy looking through the photos from our time zone visit on Thursday when we transported way back to the Stone Age and Iron Age... and of course we ended the week with sweet treat/donut Friday!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

stay safe,

love Mrs Selvey x

Week 5 highlights

Another busy week filled with lots of learning again. We have been able to use our understanding of place value to half us add multiples of 10 and 100 to 3 digit numbers. We have looked at the meanings of words and chose adjectives that are relevant to the noun that we are describing. You should be very proud of your sketching in Art this week, I loved your use of tone and shade. Another science experiment was completed this week looking at material that are magnetic around the classroom, and once again we've enjoyed sweet treat/donut Friday.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe, 

Love Mrs Selvey x

Week 4 highlights

Another fabulous week completed! In our English lessons we have enjoyed working some more using our book Here We Are and discussed special memories, we have also written letters to some special people in our lives. We have experimented with magnets and investigated their forces in Science. We have taken part in the big virtual assembly on standing up against bullying. Some of us are interested in becoming anti bullying ambassadors for our school. Art has been really exciting this week, we have looked more at Vincent Van Gogh how we used tone and shade in his sunflower paintings. Thursday saw National Poetry week and National Postcard week so we have written postcards to children at another primary school in Alesbury and Mrs Selvey shared one of her favourite poems with us called Please Mrs Butler by Allan Albherg. I have loved discussing our daily Graffitti wall with Mindful Monday, Feel good Friday and everything else in-between. We have also welcomed a new class member this week, thank you my lovely Y3's for making our team member feel welcome and settle in so well.

We most definitely earned our sweet treat Friday!

Week 3 highlights


Year 3

Thank you all for another brilliant week. Once again, you have worked your socks off and made me very proud to be your teacher. You all give 100% in all you do. Your Starry night paintings look amazing all around our classroom.

Have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe

Love Mrs S x 

Year 3! 

What another fabulous week you have had. From our discussion today, it seemed a lot of you have really enjoyed our Roald Dahl week and getting to know Matilda & the BFG a little bit better. Your character descriptions have blown Mrs Smith and me away, we couldn't get over your super sentences!

I think it's pretty safe to say, you are definitely more creative with your inventions than Matilda's dad- Mr Wormwood. I shall be looking out for a few of these on Dragon's Den in a few years time!

Have a lovely weekend everyone- I can't wait to see you again on Monday.

Stay safe,

Love Mrs Selvey x


Our first week together...


The children have settled in brilliantly. They faced some big changes on their first day, meeting their new teacher, getting used to a new a class room, climbing the stairs everyday and beginning their journey in KS2 to name just a few!

We have mastered our hand-washing routine with our 'Covid Conga' after greeting me at our class room door each morning with a non contact greeting. (They are amazing at this)!

Enjoy looking through the photos of just a few things we've been up to this week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Love Mrs Selvey x

Hello Year 3!


It's almost time for you to return to school. Miss Lock, Mrs Smith & I have been busy this week, getting your new class room all ready for your return on Monday.blush I've put some photos on so you can see for yourself what it looks like. 

Makes sure you all have a restful weekend and go to bed early on Sunday night! blush

We can't wait to see all of your smiling faces and we hope that you are as excited as us, as we begin our Year 3 adventures together heart


Love from Mrs Selvey x